Zoom adds two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all accounts

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Zoom has announced that starting today it has added two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all user accounts to make it simpler to secure them against security breaches and identity theft. With 2FA, Zoom users will have an extra layer added to the authentication process, blocking attackers from take control of their account by guessing their password or using compromised… Read more »

Zoom Bug Could Have Let Uninvited People Join Private Meetings

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The massively popular video conferencing software has patched a security loophole that could have allowed anyone to remotely eavesdrop on unprotected active meetings, potentially exposing private audio, video, and documents shared throughout the session. Besides hosting password-protected virtual meetings and webinars, Zoom also allows users to set up a session for non-pre-registered participants who can… Read more »