US indicts Russian GRU ‘Sandworm’ hackers for NotPetya, worldwide attacks

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The U.S. Department of Justice has charged six Russian intelligence operatives for hacking operations related to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the 2017 French elections, and the notorious NotPetya ransomware attack. Believed to be part of the elite Russian hacking group known as “Sandworm”, the indictment states that all six individuals are part of the Russian Main… Read more »

BazarLoader used to deploy Ryuk ransomware on high-value targets

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The TrickBot gang operators are increasingly targeting high-value targets with the new stealthy BazarLoader trojan before deploying the Ryuk ransomware. For years, the TrickBot gang has been using their trojan to compromise enterprise networks by downloading different software modules used for specific behavior such as stealing passwords, spreading to other machines, or even stealing a domain’s Active Directory… Read more »

ThunderX ransomware silenced with release of a free decryptor

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A decryptor for the ThunderX ransomware has been released by cybersecurity firm Tesorion that lets victims recover their files for free. ThunderX is a relatively new ransomware that became active towards the end of August 2020. This week, Tesorion was able to find a flaw in the ransomware’s encryption so that victims can decrypt their files without… Read more »

AgeLocker Ransomware Targets QNAP NAS Devices and Steals Data

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QNAP NAS devices are being targeted in attacks by the AgeLocker ransomware, which encrypts the device’s data, and in some cases, steal files from the victim. AgeLocker is ransomware that utilizes an encryption algorithm called Age (Actually Good Encryption) designed to replace GPG for encrypting files, backups, and streams. In July 2020, we reported about a new ransomware… Read more »

New ransomware actor OldGremlin uses custom malware to hit top organisations

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A new ransomware group has been targeting large corporate networks using self-made backdoors and file-encrypting malware for the initial and final stages of the attack. Researchers are tracking the gang using the codename OldGremlin. Their campaigns appear to have started in late March and have not expanded globally, yet. Attacks attributed to this group have… Read more »