TrickBot Trojan Getting Ready to Steal OpenSSH and OpenVPN Keys

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The Trickbot banking trojan keeps evolving according to researchers who spotted this week an updated password grabber module that could be used to steal OpenSSH private keys and OpenVPN passwords and configuration files. TrickBot (also known as Trickster, TrickLoader, and TheTrick) is a modular and constantly updated malware continuously upgraded with new capabilities and modules since October 2016 when… Read more »

OpenSSH Now Encrypts Secret Keys in Memory Against Side-Channel Attacks

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In recent years, several groups of cybersecurity researchers have disclosed dozens of memory side-channel vulnerabilities in modern processors and DRAMs, like Rowhammer, RAMBleed, Spectre, and Meltdown they have one thing in common and That’s OpenSSH. As a proof-of-concept, many researchers demonstrated their side-channel attacks against OpenSSH application installed on a targeted computer, where an unprivileged… Read more »