New Microsoft Edge to Retire Flash Using Chrome’s Roadmap

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Microsoft has announced that the new Microsoft Edge will follow the same Adobe Flash retirement roadmap as Chrome and other chromium-based browsers. In July 2017, Adobe announced that it plans to retire Adobe Flash in December 2020 and it will also stop updating and distributing the software. In a coordinated announcement, all major browser makers including Microsoft and… Read more »

Fake Windows Game Booster Spreads Password Stealing Malware

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Attackers have created a fake site that impersonates the legitimate Smart Game Booster site, but instead distributes a Trojan that steals your passwords, cryptocurrency wallets, browser history, and much more. A tactic that is being seen more often is for attackers to create fake and convincing web sites that pretend to be legitimate software. These fake… Read more »

Important Flaw in Outlook App for Android Affects Over 100 Millions Users

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Microsoft today released an updated version of its “Outlook for Android” that patches an important security vulnerability in the popular email app that is currently being used over 100 million users. According to an advisory, Outlook app with versions before 3.0.88 for Android contains a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability (CVE-2019-1105) in the way the app parses… Read more »

Microsoft Releases June 2019 Security Updates to Patch 88 Vulnerabilities

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After Adobe, the technology giant Microsoft today—on June 2019 Patch Tuesday—also released its monthly batch of software security updates for various supported versions of Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products. This month’s security updates include patches for a total of 88 vulnerabilities, 21 are rated Critical, 66 are Important, and one is rated Moderate in severity. The… Read more »

Windows 10 Could Break If Capability SIDs Are Removed From Permissions

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Microsoft issued a warning yesterday stating that removing Windows account security identifiers (SIDS) that do not have a “friendly” name from security permissions could cause problems in Windows and installed applications. Starting with Windows 2012 and Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new type of security identifier called capability SIDs that grants a Windows component or UWP app access to… Read more »