Zoom adds two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all accounts

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Zoom has announced that starting today it has added two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all user accounts to make it simpler to secure them against security breaches and identity theft. With 2FA, Zoom users will have an extra layer added to the authentication process, blocking attackers from take control of their account by guessing their password or using compromised… Read more »

North Korean hackers infect real 2FA app to compromise Macs

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Hackers have hidden malware in a legitimate two-factor authentication (2FA) app for macOS to distribute Dacls, a remote access trojan associated with the North Korean Lazarus group. Dacls has been used to target Windows and Linux platforms and the recently discovered RAT variant for macOS borrows from them much of the functionality and code. Setting persistence The… Read more »

Android Malware Bypasses 2FA by Stealing One-Time Passwords

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Researchers monitoring malware that affects Android devices discovered malicious apps that can steal one-time passwords (OTP) from the notification system. This development bypasses Google’s ban on apps that access SMS and call logs without justification. Google enforced the restriction earlier this year specifically to lower the risk of sensitive permissions where they are not necessary. In theory,… Read more »