Authorities Seize Dark-Web Site Linked to the Netwalker Ransomware

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U.S. and Bulgarian authorities this week took control of the dark web site used by the NetWalker ransomware cybercrime group to publish data stolen from its victims. “We are striking back against the growing threat of ransomware by not only bringing criminal charges against the responsible actors, but also disrupting criminal online infrastructure and, wherever… Read more »

DarkSide ransomware decryptor recovers victims’ files for free

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Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has released a free decryptor for the DarkSide ransomware to allow victims to recover their files without paying a ransom. DarkSide is a human-operated ransomware that has already earned millions in payouts since it started targeting enterprises in August 2020. The operation has seen a spike in activity between October and December 2020 when the amount… Read more »

DarkSide ransomware is creating a secure data leak service in Iran

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The DarkSide Ransomware operation claims they are creating a distributed storage system in Iran to store and leak data stolen from victims. To show they mean business, the ransomware gang has deposited $320 thousand on a hacker forum. DarkSide is run as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) where developers are in charge of programming the ransomware software… Read more »

New Pay2Key ransomware encrypts networks within one hour

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A new ransomware called Pay2Key has been targeting organizations from Israel and Brazil, encrypting their networks within an hour in targeted attacks still under investigation. Michael Gillespie, the creator of ID Ransomware, has also seen submissions from Pay2Key victims predominantly from Brazilian IP addresses. Although used in attacks against multiple Brazilian entities, this ransomware is not… Read more »

Scam PSA: Ransomware gangs don’t always delete stolen data when paid

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Ransomware gangs are increasingly failing to keep their promise to delete stolen data after a victim pays a ransom. In 2019, the Maze ransomware group introduced a new tactic known as double-extortion, which is when attackers steal unencrypted files and then threaten to release them publicly if a ransom is not paid. Now, not only are victims being… Read more »