U.S. Treasury Sanctions Hacking Group Backed by Iranian Intelligence

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The U.S. government on Thursday imposed sweeping sanctions against an Iranian threat actor backed by the country’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) for carrying out malware campaigns targeting Iranian dissidents, journalists, and international companies in the telecom and travel sectors. According to the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the sanctions target Rana… Read more »

U.S. charges Chinese Winnti hackers for attacking 100+ companies (APT41)

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The U.S. Department of Justice announced today charges against five Chinese nationals fort cyberattacks on more than 100 companies, some of them being attributed to state-backed hacking group APT41. APT41 is one of the oldest threat groups, known primarily for cyber-espionage operations against a variety of entities, including software developers, gaming companies, hardware manufacturers, think… Read more »

Zoom adds two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all accounts

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Zoom has announced that starting today it has added two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all user accounts to make it simpler to secure them against security breaches and identity theft. With 2FA, Zoom users will have an extra layer added to the authentication process, blocking attackers from take control of their account by guessing their password or using compromised… Read more »

Windows Control Flow Guard support added to Rust, Clang compilers

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Microsoft today said that it worked with the LLVM and Rust development teams to add support for the Windows Control Flow Guard (CFG) platform security feature into the Clang and rustc compilers. CFG is designed to block malicious code from changing the default control flaw of Windows programs, it extends other exploitation mitigation tech like /GS (Buffer… Read more »

TrickBot’s new Linux malware covertly infects Windows devices

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TrickBot’s Anchor malware platform has been ported to infect Linux devices and compromise further high-impact and high-value targets using covert channels. TrickBot is a multi-purpose Windows malware platform that uses different modules to perform various malicious activities, including information stealing, password stealing, Windows domain infiltration, and malware delivery.