Compromised Microsoft Support Agent gives Access to Outlook Email Accounts

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If you have an account with Microsoft Outlook email service, there is a possibility that your account information has been compromised by an unknown hacker or group of hackers, Microsoft confirmed. Earlier this year, hackers managed to breach Microsoft’s customer support portal and access information related to some email accounts registered with the company’s Outlook… Read more »

Drupal Releases Core CMS Updates to Patch Several Vulnerabilities

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Drupal, the popular open-source content management system, has released security updates to address multiple “moderately critical” vulnerabilities in Drupal Core that could allow remote attackers to compromise the security of hundreds of thousands of websites. According to the advisories published today by the Drupal developers, all security vulnerabilities Drupal patched this month reside in third-party libraries that… Read more »

MikroTik Routers Compromised in Cryptojacking Campaign

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Cybercrime Directorate (CD), INTERPOL, has identified a massive global cryptojacking campaign conducted by threat actor(s) that exploited a vulnerability in a particular brand of routers (namely, MikroTik). This campaign involved the injection of a mining script into the routers through the known vulnerability. The aforesaid was sometime facilitated with the use of malware. Based on… Read more »

Uniden’s Commercial Site Hacked to Serves Emotet Trojan

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Uniden’s website for commercial security products has been hacked to host a Word document that delivers what appears to be a garden variety of the Emotet trojan, also known as Geodo and Heodo. Compared to Uniden’s main website, which offers a wide range of electronic products (radios, scanners, radar detectors, dash cams, cellular boosters), the solutions… Read more »