Nearly 1 Million Computers Still Vulnerable to “Wormable” BlueKeep RDP Flaw

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Nearly 1 Million Computers Still Vulnerable to “Wormable” BlueKeep RDP Flaw Nearly 1 million Windows systems are still unpatched and have been found vulnerable to a recently disclosed critical, wormable, remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)—two weeks after Microsoft releases the security patch. If exploited, the vulnerability could allow an… Read more »

Project Zero

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Project Zero’s team mission is to “make zero-day hard”, i.e. to make it more costly to discover and exploit security vulnerabilities. They primarily achieve this by performing their own security research, but at times they also study external instances of zero-day exploits that were discovered “in the wild”. These cases provide an interesting glimpse into… Read more »

RobbinHood Ransomware Stops 181 Windows Services Before Encryption

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According to source articles, RobbinHood ransomware has been discovered and it will stop 181 Windows services prior to the encryption taking place. It is thought that the ransomware might not be distributed through a typical spam campaign, but instead via other methods such as hacked remote desktop (RDP) services. Following is the ransom note created… Read more »

Ransomware Campaign April 2019

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The National CSIRT-CY would like to inform you of a Ransomware attack that is currently in progress worldwide. After the analysis of the National CSIRT-CY, the following IOC’s (Hashes) were found.   FileDetails Type PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows FileName sql.exe Size 94720 bytes MD5 5a9eb8d21148bc8b54460d03f4f7c3b6 SHA1 e2bf54f632b98b3f77d15794bf1251d1cf4e2974 SHA256 e83d9e54f12139150e2ba6ed2f6b119dcc593ea7dc3137cef8942674bf69490b SHA512 7f208bb599d571758cf575ca998ec06f5a5efc79a7763cccc6e884c72b85fd106cc3f3d8adbb153fec14523a94d6b00e8b4c93036553cd7c8fb92d33def7559c