Cyber-security firm GreyNoise Intelligence today announced the launch of GreyNoise Alerts, a new free service that will automatically notify you via email when any devices on your organization’s IP address range get hacked and start exhibiting potentially malicious behavior.

How does it work? The threat intelligence outfit sifts through widespread scan traffic reaching Internet-connected devices to help customers filter untargeted scans and detect emerging threats and compromised devices. Read more »

A fake WiFi hacking program is being used to distribute a new Coronavirus-themed malware that tries to lock you out of Windows while making some very annoying sounds.

Screenlockers are malware programs that display a lock screen when logging into Windows so that you cannot access the Windows desktop or interact with your installed programs and files.

This new screenlocker is called ‘CoronaLocker’ and was discovered by security researcher Max Kersten last week after a friend became infected by a program named ‘wifihacker.exe’.

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Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update that fixes remote code execution vulnerabilities in an Autodesk FBX library integrated into Microsoft Office and Paint 3D applications.

Last month, Autodesk issued security updates for their Autodesk FBX Software Development Kit that resolves remote code execution and denial of service vulnerabilities caused by specially crafted FBX files.

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